Drapers Fashion Forum

Putting productivity at the heart of the discussion

As retailers continue to adapt to the changing market and evolving consumer behaviour, it has become more and more apparent
that increasing productivity in retail has commercial advantages. Retailers are now looking for new ways to further
improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. 
Drapers Fashion Forum will look to the future and investigate what the fashion retail landscape
will look like in a year, five years or even 10 years: what retailers will be focusing on and investing in;
adapting organisational structures; streamlining supply chain and back-end operations; how the store will function
alongside digital platforms; how consumers will be shopping and on what platforms;
and, ultimately, how retailers can future-proof their business to survive and thrive.
What’s new for 2018?
A new theme: increasing productivity  
‘Davos-style’ one-to-one meetings
Connecting with fellow attendees via our app

Programme coming soon
An exciting agenda focusing on a new theme of increasing productivity will soon be revealed!
Sponsorship opportunities
We are looking for service providers committed to world class fashion retailing to provide inspiration to the brand and retail elite.
Apply now
Guest tickets are only available for retailers and brands but apply now to attend this year's event


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