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Keeping up with the consumer

The UK fashion retail sector has faced several years of upheaval – the continued rise of ecommerce, momentous store closures, and declining profits – and the industry has had to adapt at a much faster rate than ever before to remain relevant and weather the storm.

As customer-centricity goes mainstream and consumer behaviour changes at a rapid speed, we move into a retail economy that is dictated by customer expectations of experience and connectivity at every transaction. It is essential for retailers to take note, evaluate and innovate to ensure that they are not only offering what the consumer wants today, but looking ahead and predicting what they will want tomorrow.

It is vital for the industry to remain informed, understand where they stand and build on their knowledge to move forward and remain fit for the future by ‘Keeping up with the consumer’.

The Drapers Fashion Forum was a gathering of the industry's leaders as they explored the world of the consumer on 10 October at County Hall. The Drapers Fashion Forum offers a unique platform to reflect on and address today’s challenges, and examine the opportunities that will help take their business forward into the future.



2018 Highlights




‘The Drapers Fashion Forum keeps everyone up to date on what the latest happenings are – new ways of working, new fashion trends. It’s a really valuable insight into the future of fashion.’
Liam Green, co-founder and creative director, Hype

‘It’s a real energy – people are here ready to debate and understand and learn.’
Ralph Tucker, chief product and supply officer, JD Williams/N Brown Group

‘It’s great to have all these industry leaders coming together and discussing what productivity can look like – not just with the bottom line, but also with sustainable production and employment.’
Cora Hilts, founder and CEO, Rêve En Vert



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