Chirag Patel

Industry expert

 Chirag PAtel

Chirag Patel

Pentland Brands , Chief Operating Officer

Chirag Patel is Chief Operating Officer at Pentland Brands - where he leads the operations, strategy and planning processes, as well as the acquisition of new brands and footwear licenses.

Chirag has also introduced Disruption Lab to Pentland Brands which sees employees from across the business develop innovative concepts in response to popular consumer frustrations. Core teams then undertake intensive sprints to convert the ideas generated into a new brand proposition for the business.

Chirag, who started his career in sales and marketing for Datamonitor and Power Plate International, joined Pentland Brands in 2011 as Global Vice President, Marketing & Product, for Mitre, and was promoted to Managing Director in 2013. He moved to Lacoste Chaussures as Global VP, Product & Marketing, in 2015 before joining the Pentland Brands Executive team in 2017, as Director of Strategy & Portfolio. Chirag was appointed Chief Operating Officer in January 2018.

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