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 Tom Beahon

Tom Beahon

Castore , CEO

Castore was founded by brothers Tom and Phil Beahon in 2016; both former professional athletes who, whilst still playing competitive sport, identified a gap in the global sportswear market for a premium alternative to the mass-market brands who dominate the sector.

The idea that led to Castore was sparked while Tom was still playing football for Tranmere Rovers; Beahon said he was amazed at the lack of truly high quality performance garments from the global sportswear brands who dominated the market.

Whilst still playing competitive sport, the brothers started travelling to Italy in search of more technically advanced performance fabrics that wicked sweat away from the body more quickly and kept athletes cooler and more comfortable during intensive training conditions. Once they had fabrics they were satisfied with, they found a Portugal based factory with specialist engineering expertise to create garments that are scientifically proven to outperform traditional sports apparel. Their vision for Castore was to build a British sportswear brand that competes on the global stage and through exceptional product and content, inspire all athletes to be the very best they can be.

The name Castore is derived from the Greek mythology story of Castor and Pollux, two brothers who took on the mighty Zeus. The brothers originally ran the business from their parent’s garage in Merseyside, before the business expanded to its own offices in Liverpool city centre. Castore was initially funded by the brothers sporting career savings, credit cards and a Virgin Startup loan. As the business started to expand rapidly and as finance was not readily available from traditional banks, the brother’s parents were forced to remortgage their home to give the business the required growth funding. Since then, the business has brought on board a number of high profile investors including Arnaud Massenet, Robert Senior and Tom Singh.

The brothers retain their Co-CEO roles and continue to run the businesses day to day operations.

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